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WordCamp US 2018

Going to WordCamps (conferences that are focused on the WordPress CMS) is always a lot of fun. When the national WordCamp (WordCamp US) comes around every December it's gives one a sense of how fantastic this community is. Last year and this year #WCUS (as it's...

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Thoughts On The Massacre In Pittsburgh

What happened to Pittsburgh this terrible, horrendous and unconscionable. It happened in a synagogue, but could happen anywhere and has happened in other places of worship and places of education. Two days after what happened in Pittsburgh, I'm still trying to deal...

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WordCamp Philly 2018 Recap

I love me a good WordCamp.  WordCamp Philly 2018 is in the bag. This year I didn't volunteer to take photos. Instead I was just an attendee. I felt  I needed a year to take in everything WordCamp had to offer. One of which was actually sitting through sessions and...

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Carved Case For Samsung Galaxy Note 9

When you spend close to $1,000 on a smart phone you need a case.What better a way to protect your phone and accessorize it at the same time. One of the best ways is to get a cool case. Carved makes custom and unique wood cases with cool designs for all types of smart...

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Social Media How It Should Be

I'm really enjoying Mastodon, well... Jawns.Club's version of Mastodon. When I started out on Twitter back in 2007/8 I loved the local feel of the site and followed people I knew in real life or in the local area. As Twitter grew in popularity, it got cluttered for...

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Mastodon… My Take.

Mastodon, the social network, not the Heavy Metal Band, came on the social media scene just over 2 years ago. It was immediately embraced by those who felt Twitter had sold out to to corporate interests and wasn’t what it once was. It also seemed and still seems to...

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A Vermont State Of Mind

I'm sitting on the top of a mountain in the Green Mountains of Vermont. On my computer writing.  The air is crisp and the foliage is green. As I'm writing I'm realizing that Vermont is special place. A place where natural world meets the modern world. Bears, Deers and...

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Guns, Newspapers, The NRA

This article was first published on the Raging Chicken Press The shooting at The Capital Gazette in Annapolis, Maryland on Thursday, where 5 people were killed, hit me hard. As a recovering newspaper journalist, I used to work for papers about that size. I covered...

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Digital Identity in 2018

I've been thinking a lot about online identity, especially  this month. I have a habit of segmenting my identity across multiple platforms and domains. Part of me likes the categorization of this method, but I am realizing that it's not necessarily the best method of...

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Zwifting It Through The Winter

So it's in the single digits outside with negative wind chills. So clearly I'm not going out to ride. But I need to exercise. I tried the fitness videos. Man I'm not coordinated off my bike. So I decided to try Zwift. It's a computer program that you use in...

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