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Oh that crazy thing called a trainer

So… I finally got back on the trainer again yesterday. I did 4 miles and called it quits. It’s so boring and dull. I watched a podcast, but still got bored. Suggestions?...

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Need To Get Back On The Trainer

So I haven’t been on the trainer in weeks. I really need to get back on it asap, I’m getting fat. I know I have to eat right as well, but exercise is important. Just have to find the time to get all sweaty....

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Early Morning On The Trainer

I thought I’d give getting up early and jumping on the trainer a try. Ugh, that sucked. It sure is hard getting up at 6:20 am and going down on the trainer to start your day. I could only eek out 2 miles before having enough. I guess that’s better than...

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Got a Trainer and Loving The Option

So I just bought a used ┬átrainer for my bike. It’s going to be great for the winter when I can’t get out riding. Since it’s “new,” I’ve been using it the past few days to get the hang of it. It’s not the same as riding a bike,...

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The Season Might Be Over, But There Is More Cycling To Do

Many people call this time the off season for cycling. It’s starting to get cold and cyclists are moving indoors onto their trainers. But in fact, this is the prefect time to be riding outside. The leaves are changing, the air is brisk, the riding is good when...

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Nice Cool Ride In October

Today’s ride was a solid one. 12.9 miles good riding and a nice bite in the air. I definitely feel that all my cycling is making me stronger and healthier, which I need since I tend to eat quite a bit on the weekends. Especially at birthday parties. I’m...

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The Fall Is Here And So Is The Wind

So we’re due to get a hurricane or a tropical storm in the next day or so. That explains the amount of wind out there. My God it’s windy. Today I ended up just doing a circuit for 4 miles around the neighborhood. Wish I could have done more, but something...

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Look What Came In The Mail Today!

I’m lucky enough that companies send me stuff to test out and review. The latest goody that I got to test and try out is the Garmin Edge 520 cycling computer and GPS. I just got it today and hooked it up. I took it out for a quick spin and so far it’s...

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