The Business Card Is Far From Dead

The Business Card Is Far From Dead

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I network – a lot. It’s in my blood and is a necessary activity for an entrepreneur and freelancer.

Over the years, I’ve tried many different types of systems to increase my productivity and help disseminate my contact information to people. And you know what? I still come back to the business cards.

There is something about a well-made, thought-out business card that still resonates with business people. Getting a crisp, thick business card will more than likely get a seconded and even a third glance. It also will probably make it into the recipient’s address book.

Now there are tons of apps out there that purport to do away with the business card. None have worked for me. There is still something about that well-made card that just works.

Don’t Skimp On The Quality of Your Business Card

Now there is an inherent problem with physical business cards. The shoddy, cheap ones, which are not thought out and rushed. These “might” make it back to my desk and “might,” if relevant, end up in my contact system (more on my flow and system later). But more likely than not a poorly made card doesn’t get very far.

Call me a snob, but a business card is an extension of you and your brand. It creates a first impression. The only thing worse than a poorly made card is not having one at all.

There are an incredible amount of business card printers out there, many make some pretty nice cards, too. Regardless, there is no excuse for having a bad business card.

The Rise of the Unconventional Card

One thing I’ve noticed lately is unconventional cards: Different sizes, layouts, and materials.

The latest card I’ve gotten that is still on my desk is made of METAL! Yes, I said Metal. Let’s just say that card (and the information it contains) will probably stay on my desk for a while and might even get that person some business.

Now, you can Google where to get metal business cards and find tons of companies that can do them. But why not try out Full disclosure: I’m the social media manager for SWGPromo, a company that runs Even with this relationship, I’ve seen the quality of what they can do and all can say is WOW.

Keep in mind that, with most things, the fancier the card the more expensive it is. Though for the opportunity to make the right first impression, the prices aren’t steep. If you go to and like what you see, use the promocode SETH10 at checkout for 10% off.

My Business Card Flow

As promised here’s my business card flow:

  1. Receive a business card
  2. Examine it and find out more about the person behind the card
  3. Put it in my  shirt pocket for safekeeping
  4. Once home I scan the cards I get at a meeting or event into FullContact, which transcribes the data and puts it into a searchable database that works with my email client of choice (GMail and Google Apps for me)
  5. I then go to LinkedIn and find those people and connect with them there as well

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