Welcome To My Enigma

Center City Philadelphia Skyline from Boat House Row on Kelly Drive.

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Doylestown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, just about 20 or so miles north of Philadelphia, lives Seth M. Goldstein—a seasoned Digital Marketer and proficient Technologist, with a dash of journalistic flair.

In the colorful journey of his professional life, Seth spent his early post-collegiate years immersed in the vibrant world of journalism. While he has since broadened his professional horizons, he still fondly reconnects with his journalistic roots from time to time.

With a deep love for the world of podcasts, Seth is not just an enthusiastic listener, but a seasoned podcaster since 2010. His podcasting adventures span across an array of marketing and technology topics.

He currently hosts two podcasts—Entrepreneur’s Enigma, which is already making waves in its debut season, and Digital Marketing Dive, which has wrapped up a successful third season and is now taking a well-earned hiatus.

Further adding to his repertoire of digital engagements, Seth also curates Marketing Junto, a weekly newsletter that serves as a treasure trove of valuable insights for marketers around the globe.

Being a staunch advocate of open source, Seth channels his energy into active participation in the WordPress community. He also contributes his technical prowess to maintaining large open source social media platforms in the Fediverse.

In the cozy corners of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Seth lives with his amazingly awesome wife, their extremely lively and loveable son, and their playful 65 lb. Airedoodle. His life is filled with excitement, innovation, and the shared joy of his loving family.

About This Site

seth working at laptop

This site is a place where Seth tests various web technologies and WordPress plugins. If you want to visit the agency go to GoldsteinMedia.com.

Also, since Mastodon is all the rage right now, check out my resource page on Mastodon and the Fediverse!