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A Time For Giving. A Time For Shopping. A Time To Avoid Blowing Your Budget.

‘Tis the season to give to your community and causes your believe in. It’s also a time to be with family and catch up after a long year of work and life. It’s also a time for shopping and trying to avoid blowing your budget.

It’s called Black Friday for a reason. This is the day, traditionally, where retail businesses finally got out of the red (negative profits) on their balance sheets and into the black (positive profits).

There are deals galore. And many incitements that lure you, the consumer, into buy things that you’d normally wait for and budget.

Now that Black Friday is more like Black November. It’s even harder to keep on budget.

I try my hardest to not even look at the ads and avoid walking into stores if I can help it.

This doesn’t always work, but it’s a positive effort all the same.

What do you do this season? How do you stay on budget? Do you give to your favorite charity? I’d love to hear what you do during this holiday and shopping season.

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