Always Backup Your Site

I came into work, with an idea. I wanted to add a sidebar to this blog. I love the Twenty Twenty theme, that I’m using, but a blog needs a sidebar.

Without a clear way to just add it, I turned to the Goog. There I found a plugin that would work with Twenty Seventeen. It said it was compatible with the latest WordPress version, so installed it.

Well, to make a slightly long story very short. It totally borked my site template.

Luckily my host has daily backups. and I remembered to quickly copy the previous post into Word before restoring the site to yesterday’s glory.

All this said, a very important lesson can be taught. Backup your sites people! Even if it’s just for safety and do it weekly.

My suggestion is to either find a hosting provider that does it for you (daily is best) or get a plugin like Updraft Plus to do it for you.

And if you don’t normally work on your site daily, you can do weekly, but remember to do a backup prior to messing around with anything.

Today’s minor bump in the road could have been adverted, albeit it only slightly, by doing a quick manual backup prior to mucking around.

So that’s what I got. Go backup your site! Right now. What are you waiting for!

Oh, and if the sidebar isn’t on the blog yet it means I’m still figuring out how to add it.

Image Credit: Pixabay

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