Are WordCamps Dying?

I’ll skip to the answer. No.

In a WordCamp US recap article on Freemius Brandon Ernst talks about how WordCamp US had received some strong feedback about how it was run this year. He initially asks the question if WordCamps are dying? In the end he says no, and I agree.

Honestly look at the schedule of upcoming WordCamps. Does it look like the events are dying? I think not.

Just because the big US event was bit disjointed, the quality of the content was great. I watched the live stream and got a whole lot from it.

I go to three to four WordCamps a year, sometimes more. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses.

For example WordCamp Montclair (New Jersey) was held in a former fallout shelter. The internet was spotty at best, but it was their first year and overall it was a great time. The talks were great and that’s what mattered.

WordCamp Philly this year was at the Academy of Fine Arts, I didn’t like the venue as much as the talks were held in galleries which didn’t lend to learning in my opinion. I preferred the classrooms at University of the Sciences (in West Philadelphia). But again the talks were great.

WordCamp Lancaster is held at the Lancaster Intermediate Unit. It serves the purpose, but is nothing to write about.

And finally, WordCamp Lehigh Valley is held at the Northampton County Community College in Bethlehem, PA.

All these events are great because of the community and the speakers who speak at them. They are far from perfect, but they are put on by the community and that’s what makes them special.

Have you been to any WordCamps that have totally rocked it or kind missed the mark?

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