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Getting Up Early… Especially On Mondays

Like most people, I don’t love Mondays. I know, I know, Mondays are just another day in the week. But there is something about coming off of two days that are structured differently (aka the weekend), that make Monday tough.

It has to do with getting back into the routine of the week and making sure everything is set to have a good week.

In Amy Landino’s book, Good Morning Good Life, she encourages everyone to figure out their morning routine. Amy believes that a good morning routine helps you conquer the day and, to use a Gary Vee term, CRUSH IT,

Now as as Amy has said, every person’s morning routine is different and it should be.

My Monday morning routine, which is far from a routine right now, hopefully will look like this:

  1. Get up
  2. Take my medicine
  3. Go downstairs
  4. Make coffee
  5. Drink a glass of lemon water
  6. Check the phone, albeit briefly
  7. Drink the glass of lemon water and think
  8. Sit down at the computer and write about something here.
  9. Meditate (here’s hoping that this will be a regular thing)
  10. Get lunches ready
  11. Get showered and dressed for the day
  12. Go to work

Now this is the plan of my Mondays. Let’s see how it actually pans out.

How do you handle your Mondays? Heck, how do you handle your mornings in general.Image Credit: Pixabay

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