Google+ and Longevity

This post was originally posted on Linkedin on May 31, 2014

Many have prognosticated the end of Google+ with the departure of Vic Gundotra. Others, like myself, have fought this negative viewpoint and feel that Google+ has a long life ahead of it.

I’m an avid Google+ user and have been on it from the beginning (beta days). I see so much value to Google+ that I can’t imagine it going away anytime soon.

To me sites like Facebook are so much more surface-level. There are some deep conversations, but not what it’s like on Google+.

Here’s some reasons why Google+ is here to stay:

  • It’s more than a network, it’s a layer, a platform, a community. All these add to the overall experience online and on Google.
  • The layer that Google+ gives to Google as a search company is priceless. It helps them gauge what’s important.
  • It is a ranking factor. Though not every part of Google+ is a ranking factor. The key parts are. If you link goes viral on Google+, you’d be silly to think that Google+ doesn’t notice this and take it into account. If you use the authority tag on your Website and blog, this gives Google a authenticity that it didn’t have before. If your business is listed on Google+ it’s also listed in Google Local. On the flip side, if your business is listed in Google Local, it’s also on Google+.
  • The community is strong. It might not be a place where you see your “In Real Life” friends, but it’s a place where you meet new people and have great conversations about all types of topics (via Communities and just on the feed). I’ve made some life-long friends that I probably wouldn’t have met otherwise on Google+.

These are just some reasons why Google+ is here to stay. I’d love to hear what you have to say about Google and Google+. Do you use it? What do you like and dislike about it? Let me know in the comments.

Seth Goldstein is an Internet marketer based in the Philadelphia-Metro area. He can be reached at su.dwmg@nIdekniL. Seth has more than 35k people following him on Google+ and is an ambassador for Google+. You can find out more about Seth at his Google+ profileand here on LinkedIn.

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