How To Pass A Cyclist

So today I ventured further down below the borough of Doylestown and did a nice loop (14.1 miles woohoo).

Share the road with cyclistsOn this ride, I noticed something that many of us cyclist have realized many times, not all drivers understand how to pass cyclists. It’s not that they’re trying to hurt us or be rude (well at least not most of them), many are just uneducated on how to pass correctly.

Here are some tips:

  • If you’re on a hill and behind a cyclist, BE PATIENT and wait until you can pass with a nice gap between you and the cyclist. You’ll probably get a friendly wave.
  • If you are unsure about passing a cyclist, take your time, BE PATIENT, and give space.
  • If you are following a group of cyclists 2×2 only pass if you think you can do it safely. It’s not just about the cyclists’ safety, but your own as well.

Over allĀ BE PATIENT when passing a cyclist or group of cyclists. Share the road and BE SAFE.

Do you have any other tips for motorists and cyclists on getting along on the road? Post them in the comments.

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