I’m Mourning

A good friend’s husband just passed from brain cancer. He was around my age (~40).

He left behind a wife, 3 young kids, and a wonderful dog.

My heart aches for my friend and her kids. I just found out this morning.

Her husband has been battling brain cancer for years. And has put up a good fight.

He was a good man, a good husband, and a father.

I’m not sure why I’m taking it so hard. It could be that he’s so young. It could be that he left behind a family. It could be that I’m dealing with my own (albeit not even close to terminal) mishigas and I’m feeling just that much mortal today.

I’m not putting this out there for sympathy for me. I’m just want to talk about it put words to my feelings.

I just turned 40 last month, and I’m realizing that I’m no longer young. I might even be middle-aged (groan).

The stages of life are… Get Married, Have Kids, Grow Old, The Have Friends Start Die. This way too soon.

Having been brought up going to Quaker schools, the Quakers have a tradition of holding people in the light. That’s all I can do now. In the Jewish religion, you can say the Mourner’s Kaddish.


I’m struggling, with this. I’m struggling because he was so young. It wasn’t sudden. It was coming. But… yea…

I’m sad, very sad.😪😭

I know this was a ramble. But I need to get this out.

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