Important Security Apps For The Protester

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With the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump less than a month a way, activists undoubtedly are gearing up to protest. There are calls on social media for massive protests during Trump’s inauguration. If you’re planning on going out and making your voice heard, as is your right, here are some important security apps that you should have on your phone.

  • American Red Cross First Aid (Android | iOS) – To help people who might get hurt at protests
  • App Lock (Android) – This app allows you to password protect any app on your device
  • Burner (Android | iOS) – Another free (and premium) burner phone number app
  • CameraV (Android) – A Camera App that not only takes pictures, but takes sensory data from the scene
  • Find My Friends/Friend Locator (Android) – This allows you to setup circles of people and allows you to check in with each other if you get separated
  • FireChat – (Android | iOS) – Mesh-networked connection-less communication
  • Google Authenticator (Android | iOS) – Make sure all your accounts, that allow it, have two factor authentication (2-Step Verification) enabled and use this app to secure them
  • Hushed (Android | iOS) – A free (and premium) burner phone number app
  • I’m Getting Arrested (Android) – A simple SMS app that alerts certain people to the fact that you’re being detained.
  • K9 Mail (Android)- A more advanced email client that allows for PGP encryption of email
  • KeepPass2Android (Android) – The portable version of the open source password manager Keepass
  • ObscuraCam (Android) – This app lets your take video and pictures and pixel out certain people
  • Open Archive (Android) – This app will allow you to upload directly to the Internet Archive to make sure your footage and pictures are safe and archived.
  • OpenKeyChain (Android | iOS) – A way to keep your PGP keys accessible. It even allows you generate a key pair for yourself
  • Orfox and Orbot (Android 12) – These apps work together to hide you online using The Onion Router
  • Private Internet Access VPN (Android | iOS) – This will let you hide your IP address while protesting
  • ProtonMail (Android | iOS) – Swiss-based encrypted email service
  • Signal (Android | iOS) – Private, encrypted messaging app. Communicate instantly while avoiding SMS fees, create groups so that you can chat in real time with all your friends at once, and share media all with complete privacy. The server never has access to any of your communication and never stores any of your data.

Do you have a suggestion for a good app to add to this list. Please go to this form and fill out your pick.

Photo Credit: Bruce Emmerling – Pixabay

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