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A New Era Of Journalism Is Upon Us

This post originally appeared on Linkedin June 4, 2014

I’ve noticed quite a bit of tradition a journalists leaving big media companies for start-ups. This is what will ultimately save journalism. The era of large media conglomerates are done in my opinion.

Sites like The Information, The Technologizer and The Intercept are just a few great examples of this. Both have big names behind them: Jessica Lessin (WSJ),Harry McCracken (Time) and Glenn Greenwald (The Guardian), respectively.

I predict with this new age of journalism we will see viewpoints from all sides and that’s a good thing. We need media to present the news and if they have a particular view point, to articulate it and be transparent about it. Hopefully with more independent news sources, big business’ interests will not be so prevalent in this form of journalism.

What do you think? Will this new type of journalism be a good thing? Post your comments below.

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