Remembering September 11… 20 Years Ago Today

I was going to write my thoughts down in my private journal, but I realized I wanted to share my thoughts publicly.

I remember 9/11/01 like it was yesterday. I, like many, can photo-realistically replay the day over and over like a movie in my head. I can’t believe it’s been 20 years.

It was my sophomore year at the University of Delaware. I remember it. I don’t want to rehash it here. But I do want to remember all those who we lost that day.

I don’t want to debate whether it was an inside-job or anything. I just want us all to reflect. To take a moment and be real with ourselves. Let us all feel the emotions that come to us.

Some of us were affected more than others, but that doesn’t mean that we all don’t have emotions surrounding this day.

9/11/2021 was a day just like today. Blue skies, almost no cloud in the sky.

What hit me today was reading Jeff Jarvis’ post of his 9/11 experience.

I remember calling my step-mom after getting back to my dorm and watching the coverage. She worked in New York City. I remember the cell towers being inundated with people calling loved ones. I remember calling my grandmom who loved going into NYC to the museums.

I remember the girl in my Psych 101 class running out tears when Professor Giza told us all what we missed while in class that morning. Realizing that she might have just lost a loved one.

I remember after watching the news over and over and the loop of the towers falling, walking across the “beach” (green area between my dorm and the Perkins Student Center) to the Review (the student run, independent, newspaper), where I was a reporter. There was talk about heading up there. I had a chance to go. I’m glad I stayed back.

Just knowing what my journalism career would emotionally cause me later, makes me glad I made that decision.

I have a lot of journalism friends who covered the aftermath. Who went to the rubble. Who documented it and also went abroad to cover the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. One of my friends would win a Pulitzer Prize for his photos.

Let us never forget those harrowing moments and days. Let us not forget the aftermath, the “never-ending” wars that resulted. Let us remember the fallen and their families. Let us come together.

That’s all I emotional have right now. Hugs to all!

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