Mediation person with word cloud on sunset

Remembering To Breathe

This morning was crazy. We all woke up late and it all spiraled from there.

Finally we all got out of the house. I got to work, sat down and got a call. The call was from my wife, that we forgot to send my 7 year-old in the dead of winter with a coat.

So out of the chair I went. Rushed back home then to his school to make sure he’d be warm outside.

Finally back at work, heart beating extremely fast, I took a breath. Man that breath felt good. I just sat at my desk for a few moments and breathed.

Taking a second in our every busy day is hard. There is always something to be done. But taking a breath and getting your wits about you is important to making sure those things get done correctly.

Just remembering to breathe is such an important thing and it’s so underrated. What do you think?

Image Credit: Pixabay