Riding Minus The Camelbak Was Great

Minus the Camelbak

Today was a hot day. A really hot day. But regardless of how hot it was I was determined to try riding without a Camelbak. I was talking with Eric at Cycle Sports and he suggested riding with two water bottles instead. His belief was that the Camelbak was slowing me down and was unnecessary for road riding.

I agree and disagree, first riding without the Camelbak was glorious and freeing, but I also noticed that I was drinking less, though be the end of the ride I actually drank more than I would have with the 50 ounces of water in the Camelbak.

I posted questions in the cycling forums and groups about road cycling and using a Camelbak. The general consensus was do what you want, but you’ll enjoy cycling more without the added weight. And you know what?????? I agree.

One thing that I’m realizing now is that I need more cycling jerseys. Oh great. I’ll have to make do with what I have for now.

What do you cycle with? A Camelbak or just water bottles? Post your thoughts in the comments below.

By Seth

Seth Goldstein is a Digital Marketer, Technologist, Agency Owner, and Father.

He is based out of Doylestown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

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