Sidelined By A Massive Migraine

Thompson Bucks County Classic 2015Sunday morning, I had the privilege to help out with the Bucks County Classic cycling race. It was lots of fun, but also very stressful, as many motorists didn’t get the concept that they couldn’t drive on the closed off streets that were designated for the bike race.

So between blowing my whistle a ton and the stress of making sure everyone was safe, I think I triggered my first official migraine and let me tell you it’s not fun at all.

Yesterday my migraine was so bad that I threw up and ended up in the emergency room for the morning. Once again, not fun.

So today I’m back to work and getting things done. Still feel a little hazy, but much better. Can’t wait to get back on my bike. But safety first, biking can wait.

All for now.

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