Started A Team For The Tour de Cure and Went For A Ride While Weezing

Donate to my Tour de Cure bike team

Hey all, I’ve created a team for the Tour de Cure. The Bipedal Diabetes Killers. The American Diabetes Association ride to find a cure to Diabetes. You can donate and/or join,  we’d love your support and to have you on our team.

On a completely, but somewhat related, topic. I’m still suffering from these damn allergies. They came out of nowhere and now it’s making everything harder. I still managed to get out for an 8 mile ride today, but it was tough. It was helpful that my bike was just tuned up by John over at Cycle Sports and she’s running like a dream.

Do you go out when your allergies are flaring up? Post your thoughts in the comments below.

Rants and Raves

Bike In Shop Getting Some TLC. I’m Home With Allergy Attack.

Cycle Sports Doylestown, PA

So my bike is at Cycle Sports in Doylestown, in the capable care of John and Eric. While she gets some much needed TLC, I’m home, not riding and suffering from an allergy attack. So I guess I wouldn’t be riding her today anyhow. But man I miss my bike and the open road. I was on such a roll before my migraine and now I just feel sidelined and blue. I know soon enough I’ll be back in the saddle and riding again. Hopefully tomorrow.

All for now.