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Klout Is Getting Interesting

This post originally appeared on Linkedin on 9/25/2014.

kloutI’ll admit I haven’t logged into Klout in quite a while. You know what? They sure have pivoted.

Once, in my opinion, the most laughable attempt at proving influence in social media, Klout has changed to make itself a content discovery/distribution platform – and it’s quite appealing. Like Buffer, it allows you to connect to your social networks and share various topics, which are interesting to you, in the process you are boosting your influence on the platform.

Having only played with the “New” Klout for a few days now, I’m going to reserve final judgement for a follow up piece, but I’m wondering what you think of it?

Have you been to Klout recently? Do you like how it pivoted? Will you use it?

Post your thoughts in the comments below.


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