World Opening Up

As the world opens up (well at least here in the States), I wonder how people are coping with the change after ~15 months of being in some semblance of lockdown.

I’m enjoying my time outside the “bunker.” But I’m still cautious about who I meet with. This might be because my 8-year-old son isn’t vaccinated yet. My wife and I both are. I go out to the market now and to my co-working space, with mask in tow. But, there is something I learned about myself during the 15 months of craziness.

I like virtual networking. I think I might like it as much as in-person networking. I can get more done with virtual networking. One downside is that the quality of the connection to the meeting software matters. You don’t have that issue with in-person networking. If you do, you should probably go to the doctor.

I know this is a bit of a ramble, but I’m curious, how is everyone else fairing?

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The New Reality

The Pandemic Is Still Real… Still Here In Full Force

I saw this about Covid-19’s resurgence in the most populous states in the United States on LinkedIn.

This is not a political issue. Heck it’s being talked about widely on the biggest business social network. It’s a health issue. It’s about our health.

There is no vaccine for Covid-19. There isn’t even a good treatment for it right now if you get the virus really bad.

I, just like everyone else, want the world to return to normal, but I also want to be around to see my kid graduate high school/college, get married, have kids etc.

So it’s only been 4 or so months. Not even a year. I get that I’m fortunate enough to have a business that is thriving during this time. But regardless a dead customer isn’t a customer. It’s a body count.

This is serious folks. Let’s treat it as such.

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The New Reality

More Social Now?

Before the Covid-19 corona virus pandemic, I was in a flow. It was regular and comfortable. Now that we’re all stuck at home, I feel that there are more things going on and that I’m being more social than I was before.

Yes, we are home schooling our 7 year old son. That takes time and changes stuff up a bit. Yes, my wife is now on furlough from her job. That’s making things much more stressful. But on the whole, I’ve been busy — connecting, reaching out, communicating.

Is that possible? Seriously? Did it take a global deadly pandemic to make the world come together? More people are reaching out and doing Zoom and other video chats on a regular basis.

I’ve gone to a WordCamp virtually, last weekend, and today there is an online conference (10 hrs of content), about the WordPress Block Editor.

I’m in a Zoom call at least daily if not multiple times a day. I’m connecting with my tech community much more than I did before.

I’m loving it. But why did it take a freaking pandemic for this to happen? I can’t answer that, I don’t think anyone really can.

Have you found yourself becoming more social online? Let me know in the comments.