The New Reality

Covid-19… I Get It

Seriously, I get it. We’re all sick of being stuck in our homes and not interacting with other people as much as we used to.

We want to get out. As humans were social beings — we want to be around each other and hang out.

But there is a deadly killer out there. There is no vaccine. there’s not even an effective treatment to make sure you don’t die from this virus.

I get it. I want to go back to my office. I want to go back to happy hours in person. I need a break from my house and my immediate neighborhood.

I missed the space between home and work. Yes, I worked from home from time to time. But having office space 10 minutes away helped exponentially.

But the virus is still out there. It’s still fucking killing people. I just saw a stat that the virus has killed more Americans then World War I. That freaks me out. And it should freak everyone else out as well.

People have stayed home for 3 plus months and haven’t gotten the virus, only to go out to the bar once and get it.

People are working on a vaccine as fast as possible. I don’t think it’s going to take 4 years. I think, just my opinion, we’re going to see if vaccine early next year. That’s when life can and should get back to normal.

Keep in mind, Covid-19 will most likely become a yearly thing, like the common flue, with vaccines having to be gotten yearly. But, like with the flu, we’ll have a jumping off point in the future.

Let’s all not forget that we’re still not out of the woods yet. Covid-19 is still a threat — a major threat.

Also, it’s not just about you and how you make it through it without much of anything. It’s the people around you they might not fare so easily.

Be be smart. Be safe everyone.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


It’s Been A While

Hey. Yea You. It’s been a while since I’ve posted over here on this site. I’ve been busy. Yea we’re all “busy.” I’ve been building out a tech site called Insights on Tech. Check it out. I’m really proud of it.

So reality struck and I’m now out of my co-working space for at least two weeks because of Covid19. I’m back to working in my basement. This time with a proper standing desk and a nice foot pad.

The kiddo is home for these two weeks and the wife is doing reduced hours at her job.

I’ll admit I’m a bit freaked out. Yes a little about the actual Covid19 virus, but more about what it’s going to do to our healthcare system, that already has issues.

I’m scared because if someone gets sick, not necessarily with Covid19 but with something else that takes them to the emergency room, how that might work. Our resources are thin at best now. Hell, doctors can’t even get gloves and masks. You’d think we’re in a 3rd World country. To be honest, I think 3rd World countries have more supplies than we do.

I don’t have to worry about my 7 yo getting it, he’ll just give us Covid19. I’m really worried about my parents and my in-laws. They are in the zone where it’s deadly.

I know I’m rambling, but I needed to get this out.

How are you doing? Let me know in the comments. We’re all in this together. Together we can get through this.