2018 Women’s March – Doylestown, PA

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On Sunday, January 21, 2018 the second Women’s March was held in Doylestown Borough on Court Street in front of the old county court house. More than 1,500 activists and marchers showed up.

Here are some pictures from the event.

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Nice Cool Ride In October


Today’s ride was a solid one. 12.9 miles good riding and a nice bite in the air. I definitely feel that all my cycling is making me stronger and healthier, which I need since I tend to eat quite a bit on the weekends. Especially at birthday parties.

I’m still testing the Garmin Edge 520 for a review I’m going to write on So stay tuned for that.

Here are today’s stats:

Stats from ride 10-5-15

And here are some pics from the ride:


Saturday Group Ride To The River And Back! 22.8 Miles!

saturday ride 9-12-15

So today I went out with Eric, Cycle Sports, and his two customers Jim and Brenda. We rode to the Delaware River and back. It was such a great ride. I doubled the amount of miles I normally do by double. I’m a little sore because of crappy bike pants that are 15 years old (should have worn the new pair), but overall I feel GREAT!

Tomorrow is the Bucks County Classic bike race in Doylestown. I’m volunteering as a race course marshal to make sure people are safe along the course. Should be fun.

All for now.

2015-09-12 07.38.34 2015-09-12 07.38.23 2015-09-12 07.38.16


Hot As Hell Mid-day Ride

Though not from today’s ride. This picture of my bike was taken in Weston Vermont this past weekend.

Now I know why people ride early in the morning and later in the afternoon. Noon time sucks. It is hot as hell out there. I drank all of my 24 oz and my 12 oz water bottles by the time I got home and then chugged a propel.

Only did 8 miles due to the heat. I’ll try and get morning ride in tomorrow hopefully.

I stopped by Cycle Sports on my way and talked to Eric, the owner, about my messed up front brake. I now have an appointment for a tune up next Wednesday. This is a good thing because my bike will now be in top working order for the best season around… The Fall.

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day.


Training Ride And Clinic with Eric from Cycle Sports Doylestown

cycle sports

Today, I went out on a training ride with Eric Cutter from Cycle Sports Doylestown and two other cyclists (Jim and Janice). We practiced riding in a group as well as how to deal with bumping and drafting.

Thanks Eric for a great time. See you next Saturday at 7:45am at Cycle Sports!


Shopping At A Local Bike Shop vs. A Regional or National Shop

confused by bikesIn Doylestown we have 3 bike shops. Cycle Sports, Bike Works, and Bike Line. They all are great shops, but the first two are just single stores and not a chain. Bike Line is a larger regional chain.

I like to shop local and support local shops, but I’ve found that I like the guys at BIke Line too. So I’m torn. I want to patronize the small shops, but I don’t want to stick my nose up to the great guys at the regional store. Especially since they’ve been so good to me.

As of right now, I’m trying to patronize all three. We’ll see if I can settle on my favorite and I’ll report back.


Today’s Ride

bike in garage

So today’s ride didn’t get me over the threshold of 10 miles, but it was a much tougher ride. I started out going up hill and hit some nice climbs that really took the air out of me. But, as with all uphill climbs, there’s always a nice downhill to recover.


This Saturday, I’m supposed to go out for a ride with Eric the owner of Cycle Sports here in Doylestown. We agreed to do a 20 mile ride, I hope I’m up for it. After each of my 10 mile rides I’ve got more in me, so I think I’ll be fine.

That’s all for now. See you on the road!