I Wouldn’t Trade My Time With My 3-year-old Son for Anything

Seth & Ilan
So many of you know (those who I’m close too, at least) that when my son, Ilan, was born, he had some issues to get sorted out at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. 3 years later he’s doing amazing.
3 months ago my adorable, beautiful niece Chloe was born with the same bowel obstruction that Ilan had. She spent 3 months in the NICU at CHOP. She’s finally home. I was lucky enough to finally meet the little miracle baby.
When I was about to leave, my her parents house, my brother-in-law asked me if I wished Ilan (with all his crazy 3 year-old-ness) was back to being Chloe’s age and less “crazy.” I told him, no. I wouldn’t trade Ilan at age 3 for anything.
Forget about the health issues when he was young, Ilan now is such a vibrant, happy, spunky, adorable, loving, amazing, incredible, little human being. I wouldn’t trade this age for anything, well maybe the craziness. But even with that, kids grow up so fast. Right Mom?
Parents need to soak up ever minute of every stage, regardless of the craziness, because before we know it, our little kids will be big kids and eventually adults.
I Love You Ilan. With All My Heart!