Cycling Isn’t Golf, But It’s Definitely Expensive

Cycling can get expensive

Golf is known for being a very expensive sport to take on. Classes, clubs, membership fees, etc. Hence one of the reasons I haven’t taken up golf (not to mention, I suck at mini-golf, so why would I do “real golf?”).

I’m starting to realize that cycling, especially road cycling can get close to golf prices if you’re not careful. Since getting back in the saddle, I’ve spent quite a bit of dough on getting my bike maintained, as well as getting the gear necessary to stay safe on the road.

In my opinion it’s all worth it. I bike almost everyday, I love it, and I’ve lost weight doing it along with eating well (thanks Britney for the latter). But still it’s expensive.

My wife has started begging me to give the credit card a rest, and I’m going to oblige, I need to start pinching pennies when it comes to this sport or it’ll get out of hand (if not already there). Does this mean I’m completely done spending money on the sport? No. I’m going to need fall/winter gear, if I want to ride in the colder months. But I can give the plastic a break for now though.

How do you budget for your cycling habit? Do you know of any good places where you can get inexpensive gear for cycling? Share your tips and thoughts in the comments below.