Bucks County’s Startup Scene – It Exists

Having grown up in the Bucks County and Philadelphia metro area my whole life, I’ve noticed something. Philly likes to tout how startup friendly it is. But ignores the counties surrounding it.

Bucks County has a really blossoming startup and technology scene that has been growing silently for years. Finally a bunch of us have started up a non-profit to bring it out into the open to help it flourish.

Startup Bucks is a 501(c)(3) non-profit based in Doylestown, the county seat of Bucks County.

Right now we’ve been having happy hours and weekly 1 Million Cups get togethers, along with some bigger events.

I’m really loving being a part of something that is taking off and making a difference.

Stay tuned for updates.

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The Startup Journey Continues

The Startup Journey Continues - Blog Post - Banner

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Many of you know that I’m the Chief Marketing Officer for My Sensory Locations. MSL, as it’s known, is a location based app for the special needs community, which allows those with disabilities, both mental and physical, to know what to expect when they are heading out to a new restaurant.

Last week, myself along with a few others from my team, including Adam our CEO, met with an adviser to talk about our road map. It was an eye-opening experience. The adviser gave us great insights into the industry and how MSL can move forward into the future.

The MSL logo that highlights the 6 senses that all attach to the brain.
The MSL logo that highlights the 6 senses that all attach to the brain.

Since our MVP is public, everyone can go check out what we’ve done thus far. I encourage you to do so. But, the core team has some work to do behind the scenes to not necessarily pivot, but clarify our direction and work on strengthening some of our “back office” work.

This whole experience with MSL has been a learning experience for all of us. I can only speak for myself, but not only have I learned a lot about building and a launching a product, but I’ve learned a lot about myself.

Many of you have read my post about impostor syndrome and how I suffer from it. I’ve never thought of it as debilitating, but it has made me look inward to find my strengths. MSL has helped me with that process as well. And I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to participate and continue to do so.

So now where does all this leave us? It leaves us in a better place than we were before. Yes, it might be a few steps back to regroup and plan, but overall I think that MSL, the product, will be better because of it.

Seth Goldstein is the Chief Marketing Officer for My Sensory Locations, a location-based application for the Special Needs community. In addition, he is the Principal Creative Director of Goldstein Media LLC, an interactive marketing agency based in Bucks County, Pennsylvania,VP of Web and Social for, Social Media Manager for, and Editor and Chief of Netcast Network. Seth is a very busy man and that’s how he likes it.