On Being A Father – To Blog or Not To Blog

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Mommy/Daddy Bloggers – More of one than the other?

So, I read a lot online. From technology to current events to parenting sites. What I’ve noticed about the last topic, parenting sites, is that there seems to be more “Mommy Bloggers” than “Daddy Bloggers” out there. I know the roles are different. Often, especially in the past, the mother tends to be the nurturing one and the dad is the disciplinarian/work-a-holic. But this has changed drastically over the years.

Now, I know there are lots of “daddy bloggers” out there, but for some reason, they don’t surface nearly as much as the “mommy bloggers.” Maybe the mommy’s are better at SEO? Maybe it’s who I’m following? Who knows. It could be that, women, tend to be more outgoing and want to share more? That’s definitely not the case in my house. I’m the sharing, outgoing one. My wife is still awesome and very social, but much more reserved than me.

My thoughts on being daddy to my little guy

Kid in airplane at airportMy wife and I have an amazing, spunky, sassy, amazing 3-year-old little boy. He’s truly my “mini-me” personality and everything (yes, my wife deserves a medal). Everyday is a new adventure. He’s growing up quickly and we have to constantly adapt, to his changing needs and growing independence. This is much easier for my wife, but I’m adapting slowly.

Both my wife and I are hard workers. And most of time, I’m the daycare dad, who drops the kiddo off and picks him up. I usually get dinner ready for my tired wife. I bathe the little critter and help with bed time. I love being active in raising my little guy.

I’ve often thought about starting a blog, or a section on this site, about my experiences. The more I think about it, the more I realize that my struggles, challenges, and triumphs with my little guy are similar to many other dads and parents. So my plans to create a blog dedicated to just fatherhood/parenthood will probably never come about. Though, the idea of blogging occasionally about my experiences intrigues me.

What are your thoughts on the whole “parent blogging” arena? Do you blog about your experiences as a parent? Do you read a lot of these blogs? Tell me your experiences in the comments.






The Power of Blogging

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Blogging can at times be a tedious task. It can be a real bear when ideas for topics don’t come easily.

Yet even with the clear obstacles, there is a power to blogging, which no other Social Media platform can’t provide.

  • You own and control your content.
  • You own the discussion.
  • You control the conversion funnel.
  • You control the look and feel.
  • The Search Engines give you the ranking not the 3rd party platform.

These are just some of the powers of blogging.

When you blog, you create a brand for yourself. You show people who you are and what you’re about.

On the Web, people often forget that Social Media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and even blogging platforms like are not controlled by the users, instead the control lies with the platform. They are rented properties.

Granted the aforementioned sites have great built in audiences, but they are still rented, not owned or controlled by the end-users. The value rests and ends with the network.

There are some solutions that increase the power of blogging. They include using 3rd party sites and their built in audience.

  • Blog on your site.
  • Repost on Medium, LinkedIn and/or Facebook Notes.
  • Always provide a link at the top back to to the original source (your blog).
  • Have a call to action at the bottom of all cross-posted pieces, so that people can find value in connecting with you further and even going back to your site.

What does the power of blogging mean to you? How do you use your blog to benefit you? Post your thoughts in the comments below.

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General the other is the other
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With the new and Calypso, I’m noticing something I haven’t before. is really the other There is a vibrant community on the system and with Calypso and the new, it’s easier than ever to dive in and read some great stuff.

Being a Web designer and only using self-hosted WordPress, I’ve never noticed how neat the “Dot Com” actually is.*

When a visitor goes to, either via the desktop or mobile app or the Website, they can use it as a reader to discover great content and also to publish to their various and sites.

One thing I have noticed is that on the mobile app on Android, you can only post to Dot Com blogs, not to the self-hosted version. I’m sure this will be changing (I hope. Hint, hint!).

Have you explored lately? If not, check it out.

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* is owned by Automattic, Matt Mullenweg‘s company (Mullenweg is the co-founder of WordPress). It takes the blogging software, that is self-hosted, farther and hosts it for the user and makes getting your content online easy. is the self-hosted version that is run by the WordPress Foundation. It, along with Dot Com, run close to 25% of the Internet’s Websites. 


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