Zwifting It Through The Winter

So it’s in the single digits outside with negative wind chills. So clearly I’m not going out to ride.
But I need to exercise. I tried the fitness videos. Man I’m not coordinated off my bike. So I decided to try Zwift.

It’s a computer program that you use in conjunction with a bike trainer. It is a virtual world where people from all over the World ride together.

The companion app on my Google Pixel makes it even more imersive.
It ties in nicely with Strava a social network for cyclists (and runners).

Give it a try free for 7 days. After that it’s $14.99/mo. Which is totally worth it.

Do you Zwift? What do you think of it?


Grounded While It Rains Outside

Go Away Rain! I Want To Ride!

I’m so frustrated. It’s raining outside. It’s coming down quite hard. So no more riding for me today. Only a quick 2 mile bike ride early this morning.

Days like this make me want to investigate Zwift, the online community where you can continue to train while stationary. But like all good things it costs money and money is luxury right now.


So when winter eventually comes and I decide what I’m going to do to not get out of the habit of riding, I might invest in a stand for my bike, along with rollers and Zwift. We’ll see.

What do you do on a rainy day, when you can’t get on the saddle and on the road? Do you use Zwift? Do you like it? Post your thoughts in the comments below.