The Fediverse Is Coming Into Its Own

The demise of Twitter as we know it is upon us. Elon Musk is burning down the Twittersphere while sitting at his desk inside. Is he insane? Absolutely. Does he know what he’s doing? No. Does he give a shit? Nope!

People are fleeing to the fediverse, the open network of social platforms that are community run and federated. This means that no single billionaire maniac can take it over.

Check out some of the amazing platforms in the fediverse here.

The platform that’s being talked about the most right now is Mastodon, which is the closest to, what many people think, Twitter. Be that as it may, it’s quite a bit different, with its own personality and culture.

With the influx of Twitter users into the Fediverse, things are changing. Because of this I’ve been compiling a resource page devoted to what I find about Mastodon and the fediverse.

I’m easy to find on Mastodon. I’m helping a fellow Mastodonian (is that what we’re called?) administer Masto.ai and I post there frequently as PhillyCodeHound. You can also find me on my own small Mastodon instance here zb.lcoS@hteS.

So come jump in, the water’s great!