WordPress 5.3 poster with Jazz musician Kirk playing sax

WordPress 5.3 Is Out – Update right away?

WordPress 5.3 is out. With it comes some great new features.

  • Significant improvement of the Site Health Tool
  • Addition of a default theme that is known as TwentyTwenty
  • Enhancement of the Admin User Interface
  • Enhanced support for PHP 7.4
  • Enhanced accessibility

So, do you run out and go install 5.3 right away or do you wait a week or so to let things settle?

My technique is to update sites like this one, that aren’t mission critical right away, because of the new shiny object. But production and client sites I wait a week or so to let plugin developers catch up and any really nasty bugs to be ironed out.

What do you do? Do you install big updates and releases right away or do you wait a little bit?

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