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Work/Life Balance As A Solopreneur

Work/life balance is important in any job, but especially when you’re an entrepreneur and even more so a solopreneur.

In every job there is the opportunity to overwork and neglect yourself and your family, but this is even more prevalent when you’re a solopreneur.

Though people don’t mean ill by this, often when you’re on your own, or an entrepreneur, they email you at all times. Many don’t expect you to get to their requests until business hours, but some want it done right then.

Setting boundaries with your work and home life is crucial to staying sane and taking care of yourself mentally and physically.

This applies the opposite way as well…

This also goes for home life as well. Setting boundaries while at work with family is also important. When you work for yourself family and friends often expect you to be able to drop everything to help them. This can be as detrimental to your work life as your clients asking for work done on the weekend.

It’s all about setting boundaries. People will respect these boundaries if you make them a priority in life.

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