Android Is Coming Into Its Own

This post originally appeared on LinkedIn on 10/15/2014

For years people have been talking about fragmentation on Android, Google’s mobile operating system. They point to the iPhone as the pinnacle of perfection and Android as a “hot mess.”

While fragmentation is an issue. The diversity of the Android ecosystem also has its benefits. Google has just releases three new commercials touting what many of us Android fans already know — diversity is good.

The great thing about these commercials is what they don’t say and instead what they show.

Take a look at the commercials and let me know what you think.

Seth Goldstein is the Principal Creative Director at Goldstein Media, an interactive marketing agency in Doylestown, PA. He is a self-proclaimed Android fanboy and loves his gadgets. Visit or his profile site for more information. You can also follow him on Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest.

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