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Business Is Fluid. You Need To Learn How To Adapt

In the 10+ years of running Goldstein Media, I’ve noticed something. Business isn’t something that is static and unchanging. It’s fluid. Every deal, contract, project is different from the last one and any future ones.

To be honest, I wish my business wouldn’t throw me curve balls, where I would have revise contracts and agreements. But that’s not how business is done.

Business is fluid and ever changing. Every day is a new adventure.

It’s how you handle it that matters and how you adapt to the situation.

It’s Business Darwinism. Those who can adapt will survive to fight an other day.

What do you think? Post your thoughts below.

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One Comment

  1. Business Darwinism…. love this term!
    Such a simple yet powerful post. Wishing for things to be different doesn’t help – I realized that after reading The Daily Stoic every morning for a couple of months (note to self: I need to start doing that again).

    Looking forward to learn more about what you do!


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