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Different Ways To Network Other Than Traditional Networking Events

A good friend of mine and colleague Sara Rosenberg recently posted on LinkedIn about how there are many different ways to network not just going to networking events.

Her post makes some great points:

  • On LinkedIn alone you can…
    • Post great content.
    • Respond and comment on great content.
    • Reach out and connect to colleagues.
    • As for introductions to people who you are interested in meeting via mutual connections.
    • Share your connections posts and add more to the post when you repost it to share your ideas on the topic.
  • Go to workshops and seminars, which interest you and have the people you want to meet in attendance.
  • Host workshops and seminars on topics you’re consider yourself an expert.
  • Join PowerMatch. Yes, it’s networking, but in small groups that are manageable. If you do, tell Sara I told you about it.

The options are endless. And when you think about it, when you couple these “non-networking” networking activities with regular networking events you’ll be off to the races.

What other ways do you network without just going to networking events? Post them in the comments.

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