Good Grief… President Trump. Holy F**CK

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Well this election was quite a spectacle. It definitely opened my eyes to quite a few things.

  1. Neither party really represents those who elect them.
  2. Trump was elected because Hillary represented the establishment.
  3. We will survive.
  4. We have two years until the midterm elections. We can’t forget the pain we feel now. We can’t get complacent. We must stay vigilant and on guard.

The day after the election, having woken up at 2:30am, I wrote the following posts on Facebook:

I’ve been so emotional this morning. Since 2AM. Thank goodness my son is only 4 and really won’t remember this or need explanation. But all I can do is think of my plethora, and I do mean plethora of nieces and what their parents NEED to do this morning to explain WTF just happened. I’m seriously crying on and off all morning thinking about this.

I’m not just sacred. I’m freaked the f**ck out. Time for president Donald to show us [he] can stop being a f**cking child and represent ALL OF US.

Because right now [he has] a sh!t ton of proving to do.

GET TO IT Mr. President-Elect. Don’t f**cking wait until you’re president. Start acting your age now. Show all of us how you can be for ALL OF US.

You on the clock. Get started.

Then this:

I’m saying this publicly. Like all of you 2nd amendment supporters. I’m a 1st amendment supporter. I will defend it until the END.

This includes the speech that our now (ugh) President-Elect Donald Trump enjoys. It’s not always pleasant, but it’s our right and should be defended to the END.

Then this:

America has always been great! It has times of turmoil, but it’s never ceased to be great. Let’s get that ABSOLUTELY CLEAR.

And this:

This about sums it up for me. I scared. Really scared. I’m scare because I have no idea where this man stands on ANY issue. He says one thing and then in the same breath says the exact opposite.

One thing I have to say is that though this might be disastrous, I’ve never seen so many people utilize their rights as they did today — for better or for worse.

But let’s remind ourselves that we really don’t have a freaking clue where Trump stands. He’s done such a job on obscuring who he really is. That scares me more than anything.

This is certainly going to be an interesting 4 years.

And finally this:

I posted on Facebook that those people who I respect who vote for Trump, do lose a little bit of respect in my book. Not a whole lot, because there’s more to respect than who you vote for, but still as a Jew, Trump really f**king scares me. I wasn’t born during the Holocaust, but as a Jew it’s not lost on me.

And to be honest I don’t expect a non-Jew to understand until they go to Aschwitz and experiece it themselves and see it. It’s terrifying and becomes really F**KING REAL.

As you can see the day after I was in a major slump, thought I had a lot to say. A week or so later has that changed? A bit. I’m still firmly opposed to most of what Trump stands for, but there are two major policy points that intrigue me:

  1. Getting money out of politics. Though, I’ll believe it when I see it.
  2. Term limits for congress-critters. Again, I’ll believe it when I see it.

All in all, this election has shown many of us that it’s not politics as usual anymore. That might be a good thing for this country, but who’s at the helm isn’t. We must stay vigilant and watch every move that’s made by this administration.

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