Is History Repeating Itself?

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Is History repeating itself? I’m not sure. Am I afraid? Yes.
It’s been just over a week since Donald Trump became President and already he’s managed to polarize the country into two camps.
One camp is eating his dog food and firmly behind him. The other camp is the resistance. The latter is growing by the day.
It seems that a day will not go by without Trump creating another controversy with his pseudo-draconian executive orders and “alt-facts.”
I’ve voted since the 2000 election. Though it’s not a long time compared to others, I’ve never seen such a blatant disregard for the institution of president.
Most, if not all, politicians lie or “bend the truth.” But what Trump is doing is insane and extremely dangerous.
With every lie, people are doubting not only what comes out of his mouth, but what the people and/or organizations he’s targeting are saying.
This is dangerous, because like the boy who cried wolf, when it comes time to tell the truth, no one will believe a word his administration says. Also people will doubt what his opposition say as well.
Trump is not only discrediting himself, but everyone around him, regardless of what side they’re on.

Is History Repeating Yourself

There was a post that was widely shared on Facebook that hits home for me.
Step one for Hitler was to discredit the media.
Step two was to silence scientists and government employees.
Hate crimes against minorities grew to the highest in their country’s history. Clashes between parties became so extensive that Hitler ended civil liberties (Step three), giving “law and order” as the cause. Those who opposed Hitler were ridiculed and threatened.
In Step Four wealthy supporters purchased media outlets, employing only those faithful to the ruling party.
In his final step (Step Five) Hitler declared that the only way the country could be unified was to restore traditional values. Minorities including gays, the disabled, Jews, Roma, and people of color were considered “inferior” and sent to death camps for slaughter.
We’re between Step 2-4. This is in case you were always confused by how so many people could go along with Hitler’s Final Solution, this is exactly how it happened.
Silence and fear keep it all going forward. I would rather speak up against it than be seen saying this is okay by saying nothing.
Say what you will about the parallels, but they are there. It might not be the Jews this time, but we need to stay vigilant and make sure history doesn’t repeat itself.

What do you think?

Should we be scared? Should we protest? Should we hold Trump accountable? What do you think?

Going Down A Dangerous Path

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Contributing Writer/Columnist for Raging Chicken Press

At the ceremony honoring retiring senator Harry Reid, former senator and candidate for President of the United States, Hillary Clinton, took time during her remarks to talk about the proliferation of fake news and it’s real world consequences.

The former candidate brought up what is now known as Pizzagate, a fake news story where it was alleged and quickly disproved that Clinton along with many other high profile people were running an illicit, devil worshiping, child sex ring out of the back of a Washington D.C. Pizza shop. The story influenced a man to go investigate…with an assault rifle.

“Fake news can have real world consequences … Lives are at risk,” she said. Clinton went on to say that both the private and public sector need to take this issue head on. She even dropped the idea that the government should put out legislation to combat fake news. This plays right into Donald Trump’s hands.

The progressive news outlet, The Young Turks, had an interesting take on Hillary’s statements. Founder and host Cenk Uygur brought up the fact that the Clinton campaign still refuses to admit that the reason they lost wasn’t fake news; it was that she was in the pocket of Wall Street and people–who normally would vote democratic–couldn’t bring themselves to vote for her or vote at all for president.

Uygur brings up how before the election, we hardly even new about fake news. He also mentions how the perceived scale is all wrong.

My Take…

Those who know me, know that I’m about as fervent a supporter of the 1st Amendment as people are of the 2nd Amendment. I’m a very big supporter of free speech, even when I don’t agree with it or find it disgusting. Yes, that includes people who say horrible things about minorities. It’s their right to say it. I think it’s horrible and they should do some soul searching to see why they have those feelings.

Is fake news an issue? Yes. Did it sway the election? Maybe. Does it need to be dealt with? Absolutely. Does the government need to have a hand and draft new laws? Absolutely NOT!

Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn– the list goes on–all have the responsibility to deal with this. But when the government makes laws to combat what it thinks is fake news, we’re going down a slippery slope.

Government legislation could lead to undue accusations against REAL news stories in which the subject of a story doesn’t like what’s written. It’s ripe for abuse and corruption. And, did I mention it possibly goes against the 1st Amendment of the Constitution that reads:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

So What Do We Do?

Okay, so since we’re not going to let government legislate the freedom of speech away, what can we do? We can pressure private businesses who directly and indirectly spread fake news, to do something about it. It is on the private sector to deal with this.

Seth, You Sound Like A Libertarian!

You know what, I don’t believe in labels.  What I do believe in is the 1st Amendment. I believe that people have the right to speak freely, I believe that it is imperative that the press has the right to hold people and political figures to task.

What I worry about is that if legislation is introduced, ratified and put into law, the side effect will be a less free society, a quashed press, and maybe even a dip into overall censorship.

Remember who our president-elect is. Donald Trump has said he wants open up libel laws. Now he has an unexpected ally in this — Hillary Clinton.

I expect some interesting responses. I look forward to the discussion in the comment section. Also, feel free to email me at gro.sserpcr@htes.


Good Grief… President Trump. Holy F**CK

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Well this election was quite a spectacle. It definitely opened my eyes to quite a few things.

  1. Neither party really represents those who elect them.
  2. Trump was elected because Hillary represented the establishment.
  3. We will survive.
  4. We have two years until the midterm elections. We can’t forget the pain we feel now. We can’t get complacent. We must stay vigilant and on guard.

The day after the election, having woken up at 2:30am, I wrote the following posts on Facebook:

I’ve been so emotional this morning. Since 2AM. Thank goodness my son is only 4 and really won’t remember this or need explanation. But all I can do is think of my plethora, and I do mean plethora of nieces and what their parents NEED to do this morning to explain WTF just happened. I’m seriously crying on and off all morning thinking about this.

I’m not just sacred. I’m freaked the f**ck out. Time for president Donald to show us [he] can stop being a f**cking child and represent ALL OF US.

Because right now [he has] a sh!t ton of proving to do.

GET TO IT Mr. President-Elect. Don’t f**cking wait until you’re president. Start acting your age now. Show all of us how you can be for ALL OF US.

You on the clock. Get started.

Then this:

I’m saying this publicly. Like all of you 2nd amendment supporters. I’m a 1st amendment supporter. I will defend it until the END.

This includes the speech that our now (ugh) President-Elect Donald Trump enjoys. It’s not always pleasant, but it’s our right and should be defended to the END.

Then this:

America has always been great! It has times of turmoil, but it’s never ceased to be great. Let’s get that ABSOLUTELY CLEAR.

And this:

This about sums it up for me. I scared. Really scared. I’m scare because I have no idea where this man stands on ANY issue. He says one thing and then in the same breath says the exact opposite.

One thing I have to say is that though this might be disastrous, I’ve never seen so many people utilize their rights as they did today — for better or for worse.

But let’s remind ourselves that we really don’t have a freaking clue where Trump stands. He’s done such a job on obscuring who he really is. That scares me more than anything.

This is certainly going to be an interesting 4 years.

And finally this:

I posted on Facebook that those people who I respect who vote for Trump, do lose a little bit of respect in my book. Not a whole lot, because there’s more to respect than who you vote for, but still as a Jew, Trump really f**king scares me. I wasn’t born during the Holocaust, but as a Jew it’s not lost on me.

And to be honest I don’t expect a non-Jew to understand until they go to Aschwitz and experiece it themselves and see it. It’s terrifying and becomes really F**KING REAL.

As you can see the day after I was in a major slump, thought I had a lot to say. A week or so later has that changed? A bit. I’m still firmly opposed to most of what Trump stands for, but there are two major policy points that intrigue me:

  1. Getting money out of politics. Though, I’ll believe it when I see it.
  2. Term limits for congress-critters. Again, I’ll believe it when I see it.

All in all, this election has shown many of us that it’s not politics as usual anymore. That might be a good thing for this country, but who’s at the helm isn’t. We must stay vigilant and watch every move that’s made by this administration.


I’ve Survived, So Will You.

So last week was quite a week. Donald Trump won the election, the country’s populace lost its proverbial collective mind, and here we are on Monday, for better or for worse, in one piece. The same as we were the day before the election.

Last week, I too lost my mind. Yes, I was an emotional wreck all last week. Not just because Trump is now president-elect. Not because Hillary lost. But because of how our great country reacted to the news. The Alt-Right and Alt-Left both went off their gourds. Nazi swastikas and other racist and ethnocentric graffiti was written on walls and windows. Protests against and for Trump erupted. Heck in Portland there was an all-out riot.

Look, I’m not at all pleased that Trump is president, and to be honest, I wouldn’t have been thrilled with Hillary either. But Trump is our president. We need to deal with it — accept it. In two years there will be the midterm elections. The American population will be able to voice their displeasure or pleasure and hopefully do something about it.

Until then, let’s batten down the hatches, and get ready for an interesting ride.