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I Got Up Early

Today I got up early. I’m seriously shocked that I did. 5:25 am and I’m not writing at 5:40 am. I have to admit that I would have been still sleeping if my 40-year-old bladder didn’t wake me, but still, the fact that I stayed up and decided to come down and write — I’m proud of myself.

So many people tout getting up early with being successful. They say the richest and most successful get up early. This might be true for some, but I don’t think that’s why they are rich and successful.

Routines Change

A person who I admire, Amy Landino, wrote a whole book on morning routines called Good Morning, Good Life. It’s a good book that highlights what works for her in the morning. There are some great tips, for those who are early risers to start off productively.

Recently, Amy, who has a very popular YouTube channel and podcast, revealed that she’s stopped her morning routine and is letting herself sleep in.

At first, I found this curious. She’s been pushing the “wake up early and be successful mantra” for so long, why the change?

To be honest it doesn’t matter. Routines change — people change.

If we’ve learned anything from this past year (2020), nothing is written in stone. We have to roll with what’s given to us and figure out how to adapt.

You need to figure out what works best for you, your body, your work, your family (not necessarily in that order).

I still recommend picking up Amy’s book. It’s a good read and has some great actionable tips, but remember — you do you.

Ultimately, this post was a writing exercise, because guess what? I got up early!

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