I’ve Survived, So Will You.

So last week was quite a week. Donald Trump won the election, the country’s populace lost its proverbial collective mind, and here we are on Monday, for better or for worse, in one piece. The same as we were the day before the election.

Last week, I too lost my mind. Yes, I was an emotional wreck all last week. Not just because Trump is now president-elect. Not because Hillary lost. But because of how our great country reacted to the news. The Alt-Right and Alt-Left both went off their gourds. Nazi swastikas and other racist and ethnocentric graffiti was written on walls and windows. Protests against and for Trump erupted. Heck in Portland there was an all-out riot.

Look, I’m not at all pleased that Trump is president, and to be honest, I wouldn’t have been thrilled with Hillary either. But Trump is our president. We need to deal with it — accept it. In two years there will be the midterm elections. The American population will be able to voice their displeasure or pleasure and hopefully do something about it.

Until then, let’s batten down the hatches, and get ready for an interesting ride.

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