When Snow Happens

Well it happened. It finally snowed and with it came a snow day.

Loved by kids, dreaded by parents, snow days pose a quandary to entrepreneurs, especially solopreneurs.

The question? What the heck do I do with the kid(s) while I attempt to get some work done?

Staying motivated and on task is key. Here are some tips that I came up this morning for myself.

  • Go somewhere in the house quiet.
  • Be available for the kid when the need arises.
  • Set expectations of your time.
  • When you sit down to work… focus, focus, focus.
  • Don’t get angry when the kiddo(s) want attention, they are home from school and need to be kept occupied.
  • Realize that you’re not going to get a full day of work in.

How do you deal with snow days? Leave your comments below.

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Knowing When A Project Isn’t A Great Fit For You

Being an entrepreneur can be tough. Always prospecting for new business and pitching yourself and your services when you get a moment to do so to an interesting party, can be tough.

What’s hard is to know when to admit when a possible client might not be the best fit for you and your company. It’s tempting to take that business and roll with it. But often those jobs don’t end well.

Recently I had an opportunity to work with a really cool person, but what she was looking for wasn’t something I was up to speed on.

I knew deep down that I could help her, but not to the caliber she needed. Instead, I told her I would go into my network and see who I knew who might be the best fit for her.

It was a bit painful to turn away the business, but in the end the karma is worth it.


Feeling Good About How Far I’ve Come In My Entrepreneurial Journey

It’s been 11 years since I started on my entrepreneurial journey. Wow!

There have been lots of ups and downs. I know I’ve grown a lot since starting Goldstein Media, but it’s nice to see that others have noticed as well.

A really good business friend of mine who has known me throughout this journey wrote me a really nice email yesterday. It meant a lot.

He said I’ve grown into being a good business man and that I’ve matured since first starting the business in 2007/2008.

I’m not going to publish the email here since it’s private. Thanks Chuck for the kind words. I really value our friendship.


Mental Health and Entrepreneurship

I’m a very positive person. I don’t often feel depressed. I’m a “the glass is half full” kind of guy. But more and more I’m hearing about how depression and mental health is becoming a big topic not only in my entrepreneur circles, but in business as a whole.

This is a good thing. Having mental health be less of a stigma both at work and home allows people to get the help they need and become stronger and better people for both their jobs and families.

Having mental health be less of a stigma both at work and home allows people to get the help they need and become stronger and better people for both their jobs and families.

I recently met a woman, Lynette Davis, who is running a nonprofit called Love Yourself Love Your Business. It aims to be a group for entrepreneurs who need community and a support structure. It’s a great concept and I, for one, can’t wait to see what it’s all about when in launches.

What resources do you utilize for your own mental health? Is dealing with your mental health a priority for you? Let me know in the comments.

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Bucks County’s Startup Scene – It Exists

Having grown up in the Bucks County and Philadelphia metro area my whole life, I’ve noticed something. Philly likes to tout how startup friendly it is. But ignores the counties surrounding it.

Bucks County has a really blossoming startup and technology scene that has been growing silently for years. Finally a bunch of us have started up a non-profit to bring it out into the open to help it flourish.

Startup Bucks is a 501(c)(3) non-profit based in Doylestown, the county seat of Bucks County.

Right now we’ve been having happy hours and weekly 1 Million Cups get togethers, along with some bigger events.

I’m really loving being a part of something that is taking off and making a difference.

Stay tuned for updates.


[Review] Start Me Up! by Ebong Eka

Start Me Up - Ebong Eka Book Review

In my line of work I’m lucky to get to meet some amazing people. Business owners, entrepreneurs, celebrities, Internet celebrities – all kinds of people. One such individual is Ebong Eka.

A former European professional basketball player, this larger than life entrepreneur, CPA, and business coach is the real deal. His book Start Me Up! – The No-Business-Plan Business Plan proves this.

Published in 2014, Ebong’s book gives the reader a no B.S. approach to coming up with a business idea and then executing on it properly. He addresses the fears and doubts of starting out on your own, coming up with a great idea, how to prove it’s feasibility, how to setup your corporate structure, and finally how to make your business grow and succeed.

At only 223 pages this book is a quick read, essential read. To be honest this book should be required reading in business schools across the country.

Some of the topics discussed in the book:

  • Fears and Doubts
  • Invention vs. Innovation
  • Small Business Pitfalls
  • The Four S’s
    • Structure
    • Strategy
    • Systems
    • Sales
  • Raising Money
  • Tax Issues
  • Corporate Organization/Structure

In summary at $15.99 USD this book is a must purchase for any budding or current entrepreneur or business owner.

Find out more about it on Amazon.