Liars and The Lies They’re Telling

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You have to be a special type of person to run for political office. I know many politicians and other elected officials that are upstanding individuals. I also know they are a rare breed.
Today I got a letter from my U.S. Representative, Brian Fitzpatrick. It was a response to a phone call I made to voice my opposition to the proposed American Healthcare Act. Unlike Pennsylvania U.S. Senator Pat Toomey, who doesn’t even take the time to draft a proper, on topic, form letter, Fitzpatrick’s letter addressed my call. Though a form letter, it showed that Fitzpatrick’s team gave enough of a hoot to at least take the time to do that part of their job right.
Letter from PA US Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick
The Letter I receive from US Representative Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA 8th) in response to my call to his office about his plans to vote on the Affordable Healthcare Act.
Now, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t vote for Fitzpatrick, but I will give credit where credit is due. Politics has a lot to do with appearance. We will see how Fitzpatrick votes to see if he’s a party-liner or a true representative for the people.

The Liars And Their Lies

Fitzpatrick is smart to be on topic and send a constituent a letter in return. Many politicians, do this. They believe that a letter will pacify the best that is the electorate. In the past, they might have been right, but in today’s climate, not so much.
With our Commander-In-Chief showing that he has no trouble Tweeting and saying complete utter lies without even batting an eyelash, we need to stay vigilant.
With the assertion of Donald Trump to the Presidency, it has made it open season on the truth. More and more politicians are seeing the most powerful man in the world getting away with crazy lies, so they’re attempting to lie as well.
Recently, our assistant editor, Sean Kitchen was at an press conference in Harrisburg put on by State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe (R-12th) and told him that he and the Raging Chicken Press were “Fake News.” Emboldened by the Commander-in-Chief’s free-flowing lies, Metcalfe felt he could do the same.
This is not an isolated incident. Sen. Toomey has used lies and alternative facts to bolster his claims as well. The list goes on and one.
All in all, we need to hold these liars accountable for their lies. Vote them out of office, protest their every move. Show them that we’re not fooled by their lies and we won’t stand for it.
What do you think? How can we best combat these liars and their alternative facts/lies? Post your thoughts in the comments below.

Coss Marte From Drug Kingpin to Ex-Con to Business Owner – A Story of Turning Your Life Around

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Contributing Writer/Columnist for Raging Chicken Press

Coss Marte, 31, isn’t your typical ex-convict. The former drug kingpin, after spending time behind bars, has turned his health and life around and is now helping other formerly incarcerated people get their new lives in order through exercise.

Coss grew up on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. From an early age he was surrounded by bad influences and before he knew it he was involved in the drug trade.

At age 19, Coss was making more than $2 million a year.

“I was driving expensive cars, wearing expensive suits, and busy passing my business cards,” Coss said during a TED-X talk he gave in the Hudson, New York. “I even had seven cell phones.”

Raya Costa, Coss Marte and Sultan Malik. Courtesy of Coss Marte.

He ran a team of dozens of well dressed staff who served upper class clients. When he was caught, after being given up by a subordinate, he was sent to prison in 2009. In prison he was told by the prison doctors that he was extremely overweight, had high blood pressure and high cholesterol. The doctors gave him a grim reality check.

“They said that if I didn’t get healthy,” Coss said on a Skype call. “I would probably die in jail. I knew I couldn’t die in prison.”

On his walk back to the cell after being told this, he decided to turn his life around.

“I went back to my cell and immediately started working out,” he said. “After 10 minutes I nearly passed out.”

Gradually, Coss worked his body into shape and eventually trained 20 inmates with a collective 1,000 lbs to lose.

When he was released, four years later and early for good behavior, Coss worked at Goodwill Industries where he met Mike Rothman, the co-founder of Thrillist, who mentored him.

With Mike’s encouragement, Coss opened up Conbody a prison style fitness boot camp 8 months after being released.

Now 3 years later, Coss is ready to expand Conbody from the one gym they have on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and add a new facility in Midtown Manhattan. In addition to this, Coss and his team have taken Conbody online. 2 ½ months ago he released Conbody Live. An online service that touts “Workout with your favorite ex-con.” For $5 per month you can do just that.

“More than 4,000 people from across the World have signed up and seen results,” Coss said.

He has even licensed out the concept to a team out in Pittsburgh.

Coss’ hope is to help both people trying to lose weight and ex-cons trying to start fresh.

“It’s a win-win,” he said.

When asked what he would tell fellow ex-cons he gave this advice:

“Be consistent. Do the right things. Everything will work out. Trust the process.”

You can learn more about Coss and Conbody at and Below is his TEDx talk from November 3rd, 2014.