Google… Everyone’s Competitor

SEO great Rand Fishkin wrote on the Sparktoro blog about how Google in now competing for eyeballs on the internet instead of trying to send people to relevant sites.

I understand why Google is doing this. They want to surface the information for their users quickly and effectively. They want to make sure that people use their advertising platform and see the ads.

Google is definitely not living by their famous mantra “Don’t Be Evil.”

In his post, Rand includes a slide deck from a talk he gave on the topic. One of the biggest take-away was this:

Broadly, I believe the narrative for web marketers is clear. The largest source of traffic on the web — free and paid — is becoming a walled garden, intent on not only keeping people on its own properties, but competing directly with those that helped it become a dominant, monopoly power.

Rand Fishkin

Be sure to check out his deck and find out how to best work with Google to get the results you need.

Ultimately, you can take on Google directly, but you can learn how to adapt to the changing landscape.

What do you think? How do you plan on working with the landscape we have in search?

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