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There Is A Correct Way To Pitch On Social/LinkedIn

Thursday morning, I got a connection request from a person. Nothing quite out of the ordinary there. But in her connection message she very nicely asked something. She asked me if she could pitch me her services.

Yes… before connecting she took the approach to make her intentions known. She did it respectfully and the RIGHT way. It gave me the receiver of the message the opportunity to message her back ask some questions and DECIDE if I wanted to connect.

This connection, which I did accept, made my morning. After being pitched the wrong way so often, this made me so happy.

I’m not guaranteeing that I’ll work with her or if I even have a need right now for what she’s pitching, but that approach was such a breath of fresh air!

Thank you!

Have you gotten one of these messages or do you still just get the crappy pitches?

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