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Email Is A Powerful Tool… Used Correctly

I just got an email from a sales person asking if I was “still interested in learning about his product.” It caught be a bit off guard, because I never was introduced to their product in the first place.

I know there are many tactics to get people to engage via email. Often it involves an introductory email. Though sometimes people try and be crafty and switch stuff up. I’m not saying don’t make the intro email catchy and clever, I’m saying be above board with it.

If I’ve never heard of your product and you ask me a question that is later in the process at the top of the relationship process, it’s just going to confuse me and make me put you in spam.

Now if you started the conversation at the top of the relationship funnel, you might not get a response, but you probably would either get deleted or archived… not put in spam.

Email, which is probably the most necessary of the internet evils, is still a very strong tool for business communication and sales. I think it should be used, just correctly.

What do you think? Let me know.

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