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Email Is A Powerful Tool… Used Correctly

I just got an email from a sales person asking if I was “still interested in learning about his product.” It caught be a bit off guard, because I never was introduced to their product in the first place.

I know there are many tactics to get people to engage via email. Often it involves an introductory email. Though sometimes people try and be crafty and switch stuff up. I’m not saying don’t make the intro email catchy and clever, I’m saying be above board with it.

If I’ve never heard of your product and you ask me a question that is later in the process at the top of the relationship process, it’s just going to confuse me and make me put you in spam.

Now if you started the conversation at the top of the relationship funnel, you might not get a response, but you probably would either get deleted or archived… not put in spam.

Email, which is probably the most necessary of the internet evils, is still a very strong tool for business communication and sales. I think it should be used, just correctly.

What do you think? Let me know.

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Digital Marketing

CBD And Online Sales

I’ve done two sites for entrepreneurs entering the CBD space. Both times I’ve seen that it’s an uphill battle getting them the exposure they need due to the regulations around the sales and publicity of CBD.

Google doesn’t let CBD companies use their Google Ads platform, nor does Snapchat and others. Facebook is loosening up a little, but still it’s an up hill battle.

What many of these companies need to do is think outside of the box. They should aim to do outreach more organically.

Some suggestions I’ve found are:

  • Find some display networks that don’t ban CBD ads.
  • Find influencers who are willing to promote your product.
  • Place native advertising on select blogs. This often involves an outreach strategy.
  • Affiliate Marketing is another great one. Have people share your product and sell via their sites and give them a cut of the proceeds
  • Another great place to think about getting your CBD product out there is on podcast. Podcasts listenership is way up and if you find the right podcast with the right audience, BAM!

I think that as CBD becomes more and more mainstream, companies like Google are going to loosen their restrictions. I don’t think they’re going to want to leave this much money on the table.

Do you work with CBD brands or with other products that have similar restrictions? How do you promote? Post your thoughts in the comments below.

Digital Marketing

Say What You Will About Gary Vaynerchuck

People either love him or hate him. Gary Vaynerchuck (aka Gary Vee) can be a polarizing character in the world of marketing. But say what you will, the guy cares.

Yes, he puts content out to keep himself and his brand top of mind, but the way he does it and the content he provides shows something. Something I think a lot of people in marketing miss. Giving a sh!t.

Caring is key. Trying to solve problems for people will help you reap the rewards much more than just going for the close every time.

What do you think?